Sleepy Little Yoga

The last time Miss Oh Waily and I went out to the library she spotted this on one of the shelves and said she wanted to take it home.

I was a bit surprised as this isn’t usually the sort of book that attracts her attention but she turned around and said that it was a book from Playgroup*.  So home it came.

It is so sweet watching them do the “actions” as the book is read to them. It has nine very simple and easy to do poses for toddlers and pre-schoolers to do and is helped by the animal references throughout.

Since they seem to like this one so much I picked up another book on toddler and children’s yoga from the library.  This one is not a story book but a way of introducing more yoga to younger children.
It is Yoga Fun for toddlers, children, & you by Juliet Pegrum.
It takes you through poses for children from 3 up to 11 years old.  It covers warming up, animal poses, object poses, dynamic poses, group poses and breathing.
I’m looking forward to trying out some of the ideas and poses with the Oh Waily children.  It should be a nice extension to Sleepy Little Yoga aka Yoga Baby in our house.

Once we’ve had a bit of time to try out the ideas I will let you know if, indeed, we have two Yoga Babies in the Oh Waily household.

* Playgroup is our name for the kids’ fantastic sessional daycare at our gym.  May I recommend Kids World if you happen to be in the Lower Hutt area, both my kids love it to bits.


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