Puzzles, cylinders and scissors

Master Oh Waily has been busy over the past few weeks.  He has shown some skill gains in several areas.
His current go-to activity is jigsaw puzzles. We have a variety of puzzles in the Oh Waily household, small six and eight piece wooden puzzles with bright, cheery pictures; a cardboard Thomas the Tank Engine puzzle picked up for $6 at the supermarket one day is a big favourite as is his 30 piece, double sided giant pirate puzzle.  Here he is concentrating on the small wooden puzzles.

Puzzles 1

Our set of beautiful Educo wooden puzzles.

I have also introduced Master Oh to the cylinder blocks. After initially being a little unsure, he took to the task and has mastered both of the blocks we have.  His interest has made me even consider trying to get the other two in order to make up the set, just to see how he would get on.
So here he is working his way through the two blocks.  As you can see, he still does not put all of the cylinders into the correct holes straight away but he does get there in the end.  The beauty of self-correcting materials.

Starting out

Starting out

Here we are, almost getting it, but showing some out of place cylinders.

Nearly done

Working through it.

And here he is with the final result.  All wobbly cylinders fixed up.

All done

All done.

As well as learning about size and dimensions, the cylinders also teach some pre-writing and pre-mathematics skills.  If you are interested in learning about the cylinder blocks, you can read more about them here.

And the final skill that is coming along nicely is his scissor control.  I made some strips for cutting practice using leftover stickers from Christmas and some lightweight card.  The aim was for him to cut between the stickers and then place the cut piece into his bowl for use in future art and crafting.   And here we see him in action.



Yes, some days we do have our pyjamas on long after we get up and about.

And that is how Master Oh Waily’s skills are coming along.
What are your kids mastering right now?


2 thoughts on “Puzzles, cylinders and scissors

  1. On R’s daycare settling visit I watched him pour himself a glass of water from a wee glass pitcher. I thought they were asking for disaster but he did really well.
    We love puzzles here too : )

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