Changing Education Paradigms – Ken Robinson

I am a big fan of the TED talks over at YouTube, but sadly I don’t spend as much time watching them as I would like.  Then this past week a TED talk that showed great promise popped up on my Facebook feed from a homeschool group I have recently joined.

The talk is given by Sir Ken Robinson and has been animated by the RSA.  Apparently it is only twelve minutes out of an hour long talk, but it gets to the nub of the current educational situation in short order.  The animation is also very funky.

The only negative is that is seems to come to a very strange halt at the end and doesn’t describe any ideas for an alternative paradigm.  But I still want to share it with you because it sums up so many of the comments made by John Taylor Gatto around the institutional nature of the current school system.

Now I must go rummage around to see if the full hour long talk is also on YouTube.  If I find it, I will come back and post it here as an update.  I am ever hopeful that if I find the full talk it will have the missing part – how he thinks public education should look going forward.

I hope you enjoy it – it is called RSA Animation – Changing Education Paradigms.


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