About a month ago I decided to create a craft option for Miss Oh Waily to do if she wished.
I headed out onto the interweb with the intention of finding a good tutorial for making a cardboard weaving loom.  I was not disappointed.
I landed at Craftstylish and used their excellent tutorial to make our own, smaller, version.
Kiddie WeavingI didn’t want something too large, but I wanted it large enough that Miss Oh could hang on to it while she moved the wool back and forth.
I chose some leftover pink wool, hoping that it would assist in making it attractive, but I can’t say that it has been a huge hit.  Miss Oh has managed to complete a few rows, but I think she is finding it a bit of a struggle to pull through the wool and gently nudge it up to form the row.  She certainly has no problem handling the needle and doing the overs and unders. Weaving 2
I think the main thing is that she just needs to stick with it a bit longer and she will get all of the steps mastered.  I have a feeling Miss Oh may have inherited her parents’ tendency to want to be instantly capable of doing any and all sorts of things without putting in the practice.  Oh dear.

By way of encouragement to continue, I think I will also start calling it The Wizard of Oz bookmark in the hope that having a set purpose for it will encourage more regular use.  In the meantime I need to find a spot where it is visible, but out of reach of a smaller member of the household.  In his sticky mitts it wouldn’t last seconds.

What crafts are you doing with your children?


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