Welcome to the plague house that was formerly known as the Oh Waily household.

The entire family came down with a nasty winter ailment last Thursday and we have been in hibernation and recovery mode ever since.  It did not help our case that Mr Oh Waily had to continue to do work for a couple of days, which meant his cut-glass throat infection didn’t get seen to with antibiotics for a couple of days after it should have been.  He was also away from home so that meant the remaining Oh Wailys slunk their way to the living room sofa and buried themselves under layers of blankets and television in lieu of regular activities.

We are now almost back to normal.  We actually get out of bed and get dressed each day, as opposed to simply move ourselves from one style of bed to another (sofa).  We are now eating, more or less, as normal.  We are now no longer fevered, nor dependent on varying patent remedies in order to maintain the sense of feeling absolutely awful instead of feeling like we are on our deathbed.  We only cough up half a lung each day instead of turning ourselves inside out.  Sadly this nasty cough is most likely to persist for some more time as it seems to be the pattern of this ‘flu-ey thing we have had.

So, to those who have been visiting since the Neighbourhood Walk and have wondered if we really do exist, and if anyone replies to comments, the answer is a resounding Yes !  But only when we are not flat on our backs wondering if becoming vertical again is simply a dream.

That means there should shortly be a reply to anyone who has not received one, I should finally link to the remaining Neighbourhood walks that I fell too ill to do at the time, and normal transmission of our own activities should resume also.

Thank you for your patience.


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