Resources – Language

I am starting to pull together as many resources for my little homeschool as I can find.  When I have a reasonably sized list of options in most general learning areas I will put them up here as a page for my own reference, and anyone who comes to visit too.

I will, no doubt, be replicating lists found online in groups that I belong to as well as adding in my own found materials and sources.  If any of you, who may be more experienced in the homeschool world, wish to offer up suggestions that would be most welcome.  There is great value in helping newcomers (to any venture) gain a steady footing right at the start.  While learning as you go has its merits, having some foundations to start you off does too.

I am starting with the online world.  In this household we have started to use Reading Eggs in order to encourage Miss Oh Waily to take more interest in her letters and words.  She loves technology of all sorts and has shown little interest in the “real” letters – both the home made moveable type and the sandpaper letters – that we have.  So I turned to technology to encourage her interest without her noticing.  And it is beginning to work.  She is showing signs of wanting to try to read books now. Previously she would have been happy just to listen or read from memory.

So, this coming week I am going to be working on creating the language section of my resources page.  If you wish to contribute suggestions, that would be wonderful.  If you wish to contribute suggestions for learning second, third or more languages, that would be most excellent too.


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