Classical Education – First Steps

Well, we are going to dip our toes into the waters of a Classical Education this week.
With the help and assistance of the Ancients downloadable curriculum from Classical House of Learning we are starting off with a variety of Creation Myths/Stories.

So today we read about Phan Ku* and Ananse.  A giant with horns and tusks, and a wily spider.

I will need my patience hat on, that much is clear.  Due to the recent sickness we seem to have lost our ability to concentrate following on from a super dose of television watching / recovery.  Thankfully, in a roundabout sort of way, I am unable to source the suggested reading book for the second week so we will perhaps just take a bit longer going through more than the myths/stories suggested.

I can also see that doing this may be difficult with a three year old fidgeting away next to us.  The problem is – he will not want to be excluded, and I am doubtful of any meaningful distraction too.  Oh well, no one said this journey was an easy one.  My intelligence and versatility will surely be tested.

So what Creation stories have you read to your children?

* It’s quite interesting to see the differences between the version in our library book and the wikipedia entry.  I’m sure my eyes would spin up into the back of my head if I tried to reconcile all the variations.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Classical Education – First Steps

  1. This may not be the avenue you want to take, but I do have The Storyteller:Greek Myths on DVD if you want to borrow them. Cass is a big fan of greek and roman mythology and went through a phase of reading and watching all he could get his hands on. Yours to borrow if you wish : )

    • That’d be great. Thank you.
      I’m happy with mixed media if it helps spur interest.
      I have Roger Lancelyn Green’s version of the myths, but we don’t hit Greece until Lesson 8 and that’s The Aeneid. Lesson 9 is the myths, with a suggestion to get Labyrinth out and a different suggestion for a reference text. 😉

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