Books and reading

What are we currently reading here at the Patch?
Well, depending on the child we have a bit on the go.

Miss Oh Waily is currently being read Charlotte’s Web, one of my lovely “children’s classics” purchased from the  Book Depository a little while back.  This, in my dotage, is also my first time around with Charlotte and Wilbur, although it is quite possible that I read this as a youngster and simply don’t recall doing so.
It is, so far, a superior tale to that of Stuart Little which I found to be wholly unsatisfactory as a story and could not in good conscience recommend.

Master Oh Waily is being read a variety of picture books including A Gold Star for Zog by my favourite duo – Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, and the very odd (and child chosen) Pot-san’s Tabletop Tales by Satoshi Kitamura.

Miss Oh Waily, is in her turn, reading books to us.  She is making her way through the Splat the Cat books I brought home from the library, the first of which is Splat the Cat Sings Flat, which he most certainly does, to the amusement of two small Oh Wailys.  We have two other “Splats” on the shelf at the moment and they have each taken their place in our evening reading.   Miss Oh has been using the online Reading Eggs programme as well as my original teaching of the letter sounds, so she is progressing quite well.   There are a few gaps, but she is certainly making her way along the path to reading for herself.

I’m now planning to use The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading to review what Miss Oh knows and to start the process off with Master Oh too.  He’s not all that fussed right now, but he loves to look at books quietly on occasion so I am getting myself all prepared to start from scratch with him.  My delightful daughter has, so far, been patient enough to allow me to practice the basic lessons on her.  Little does she know that I’m doing it to make sure that the very simplest things are actually understood in her mind too.

As for me, I’m rather enjoying my latest 1001 Book choice – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John le Carré.  I can’t believe that it has taken me so long to hit this classic work of spy fiction.  I think Mr le Carré may have a new fan.

As for our jaunt into the world of the audio book, Miss Oh was keen to listen to stories on our car journeys but Master Oh caused a scene after the first couple of times and made listening impossible.  Little ratbag.   So audiobooks are on hold for a little while and we’ll try that again.

What are you reading with your kids?


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