That’s Pinteresting

Follow Me on PinterestCourtesy of my time with Jo on the My Organized Chaos course I have become inspired to sort out (read: re-organise) my old child-related pins that I had collected as myself.

I am currently relocating all of my pins to my new profile The Pukeko Patch.  I have a ridiculous number of pins, and I will have a ridiculous number of boards by the time I am finished.  I plan to have broad subject boards and theme boards, with some pins being on both.

So far I have 19 boards and 145 pins, but that’s just the beginning of the transfer of ideas.  If you are Pinner, then come join me on my quest to store ideas for educational and fun projects and activities to do with my children.
It has been a great exercise to do as I have rediscovered many excellent things to do, and ideas for monthly themes.

I have left a button in the sidebar for you to click on if you want to follow me and all the little finds that I come across.

If you pin, and especially pin about things educational, feel free to leave a comment with a link to your username.  I’m always up for finding new ideas.

Happy pinning.


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