NaBloPoMo Patch-style

November has rolled around again.  How quickly this year seems to have sped past!  And November in the blogosphere brings out the worst in me.  I determine to join NaBloPoMo and squeeze every ounce of inspiration out of myself for 30 days straight.

As I have already mentioned over at Oh Waily, I will be ramping up my experience by posting at both blogs.  I can feel my eyes rolling up in to the back of my head as I type that for the second time today.  Oh dear.  What tendency to over-commit? Ohhhh, that tendency…. righto then.  Tiptoe gently to the blog entry, keep your face neutral and looking towards the crazy blogger, feel for the door handle, turn and gently push your way out.  Turn, slam door and run for your lives !!

You haven’t backed away?  You’re as crazy as I am.
Oh well, I’m looking forward to being crazy with you too.  See you tomorrow for the start of the “real” posts.

If you’re joining in with NaBloPoMo this year, leave a link in the comments so I can come over and hang out with other nuts creative people too.

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