Grass People

So I’ve been working on some planning of activities stuff*.  Once again, Jo’s course has been a great help in keeping me focused on what matters.  As part of my newly acquired ideas around the planning process, I had dubbed October as “gardening month”.

What this has been translating into, is more time in the garden and an array of small planned activities.  The first of which was a piece of Pinterest inspiration.

Grass People.

Naturally there are many ways and means to create these ever-growing grass heads, but we went with the feet of stockings, cotton wool balls, grass seed, coloured rubber bands and some googly eyes.
Mr Oh Waily did the work of creating the people with the help of two small pairs of hands, while I supplied the hot glue gun to attach the eyes.

Here is what they looked like at the start, bald and currently sightless.

Bald Grass Head

Here they are about a couple of weeks later.  Don’t they just look like a pair of wild-eyed, gurning champions?  Perhaps we should have added something approaching a mouth to help them out in the looks department.

Grass Heads

A haircut is due and will been administered by small hands in the next few days or so.  I will give you an update on the child’s version of a short back and sides in due course.

As I came to the planning side a little late in October I think we will be extending our gardening activities in to November, running them alongside the activities and topic that I have already chosen for that month.  So more greenish thumbed things to do with children coming up.

What sort of nature-oriented things do you do with your children?

* Another piece of useful advice (and an array of printables) from My Organized Chaos


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