Grass People Update

As part of a gardening day last week we started out with a short back and sides for our two grass people.  It was a great chance for the kids to take a close up look at all the shoot and roots that had sprouted out, and gave them a fine motor control exercise in the process.  Here are the kids in action.

Snippers 1

Ahh, watch and learn younger brother, watch and learn…
And as for the final result, pretty well done I thought.

Finished Head 1

Then the lad took to the scissors. He had a bit of trouble with holding and snipping, so apologies for the quality of the photograph as I was holding the camera with one hand and the Grass Person with the other.

Snipper Boy

And here they are, all cosied up again in their watering container.

Cosied Up

I should really show you the photograph I took of the back of them. They are like the grass version of Robin Williams. Hairy back anyone? Grow a grass person.

There will be more from Gardening Day shortly, presuming anything sprouts.

So, how do you combine educational activities with fun and fine motor development?  I’m always interested in new ideas.


2 thoughts on “Grass People Update

  1. Auto opening scissors, they’re usually safety scissors, are brillant for little hands, M6 still uses them as he finds them easier to use when he doesn’t have the strength in his fingers

    • He’s not too bad with his craft scissors – they have a large, multi-finger bottom grip – but because this was going to be mucky we just used the mucky scissors. He did fine. It was more the angle of the grass & getting that right. Oh, and using both hands simultaneously with something that wasn’t paper or light card. 😀

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