Night writer

Every now and then Miss Oh Waily gets so tired during the day that she ends up taking a nap.  This isn’t ideal because it naturally pushes out the other end of the day with a child who should be in bed and sleeping at her usual time not being the least bit tired.

A while back I succumbed to Miss Oh Waily’s solution to this problem.  She asked for pen and paper and the side light on.  She proceeded to sit in bed and draw until she became tired enough to put it aside and fall asleep.  This was fine, she’s in bed, quiet and I get some end-of-day personal time.  Mostly.

So a few weeks back this happened again, but she asked for the “special” pens rather than the usual pen I had been giving her.  I was a bit dubious, but thought that it would be a good test to see if she could take care of very fine tipped markers.  I gave her the pens.  The next day she showed me some of what she had done and asked to do it again that night.

The end result, which you will see below, took her several days of half an hour (or so) sessions.  She instigated it.  I did not help her in any way.  She had decided that she wanted to make it for her very favourite teacher at our daycare and was determined to finish it.  The only influence I had was in suggesting that she draw the cover page.  Here is Brave as copied out by Miss Oh Waily.

She insisted that it be laid out on her blankie, so please excuse the background.  I also had to take a series of quick photographs as she wanted it made up to take to her teacher that day.  Which we did.

The cover page:
Cover Page

The First Two pages:
First two pages

Remember, she is writing on scrap paper as I was expecting her to be drawing and doodling. So not a line in sight for her to keep her words and sentences (not too much punctuation going on, as you can see) level.

The Last page:
Last page

The Little Writer
Cheesy grin

Turns out when she has a goal, she’s a stubborn little madam.  Even though I have been teaching her the rounded a, she wanted to copy the book’s ‘a’, and the same with the ‘g’.  She had to do it like the book.

I have no idea why she decided to do this, but I’m all for anything that will get her interested in writing some more.  A lovely surprise from my very lovely little girl.


2 thoughts on “Night writer

  1. Lyn, if my kids pulled out something like this I would be sooooo chuffed! She has done an incredible job, not only with the writing but in the perseverance and commitment to her goal. Wonderful work Miss G! And Mum too 🙂

  2. Wow!! That is fabulous – what a clever wee girl you have there. And she looks as proud as punch, too. Well done to Miss G for setting such a goal and seeing it through to the end!

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