Two peas in a pod

Like many young children, the Oh Waily kids are not that fond of green veges.  This is especially true of the humble pea.  So you should have seen the wrinkled up noses on our gardening day when I said that the seeds I had for planting out were peas.

Here is what we started out with:
Starting Items

The two halves of coke bottles are leftovers from another unrelated craft project that will eventually turn up here at the Patch.  But while I was browsing gardening and nature ideas on Pinterest it occurred to me that they would be a perfect solution to see-through containers for this little experiment.

So our first step was to fill the containers with the potting mix.

Soil scooping

Then we placed three peas in each container, as close to the side and as unobstructed by potting mix as possible.

Pea Placement

After they were covered over with another few centimetres of potting mix we watered them and set them up on a window ledge in our living room.

We then went on to spread a bunch of daisy seeds into another, larger container.  This time I did the hard work of filling the container and the kids finished off with  sprinkling seed and watering them with a small spray bottle.

Daisy Seeds
Tiny little seeds they were, especially when compared to the peas we had just planted.

Then both the littlies took turns in spraying the tiny seeds to get them started.

And finally, they all came to rest on our window ledge.
Shelf Sitters

I’ll post a follow-up on the growth of our little plants a bit later in the week.


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