Tonight’s post is brought to you by a girl’s night out, and very little writing done during the day.  It is a cross-post to both The Pukeko Patch and Oh Waily Waily.
Apologies in advance to those who have subscribed to both.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had planned to share some photographs of the hideous, but lovable creature we all know as Gollum.  Well here he is.

Gollum up close

As you can see, he is at his handsome best, while my photography wasn’t. Give me some leeway for the fact that they are terrible. It is at the airport, it was quite busy, there are huge glass windows directly behind and below him. I was in sole charge of two small people waiting to collect their Dad. I really wasn’t having my best framing, and camera setting moment. If you search the interweb there will be dozens of (hopefully better) photographs of him on his fishing expedition. Every traveller going seemed to be whipping out their phone (and occasionally an actual camera) and snapping shots of him.

Here are some more photographs to give you some perspective.

Gollum side on

This last shot was the most popular position to take images from as the shoulder to shoulder folk would attest.
Gollum Distant

Not long until the movie, my preciouses. Not long.


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