The Magazine Files

Today, as I mentioned over at Oh Waily earlier, I took a further step in creating some sort of order out my homeschool things.  Although at this stage of proceedings there isn’t an awful lot of “things” to organise.

At the age of five and a tiny bit, our main focus is on fun and play, with a bit of reading, mathematics, art and science thrown in for good measure.  Following my new monthly topic format many other areas will be integrated as we go, including a smidgen of history and geography when and where it fits well.

So I purchased these cheap and cheerful magazine files today with the intent of using them to store the books from the library that I use to help me come up with activities, or for reading to the kids.  They are pretty much on-subject, so only Master Oh Waily seems interested in looking through them.  He’s obviously the non-fiction child in this house.  And he insists that we do every activity in one of the measurement books I brought back, so there ought to be a few posts for you right there.  But he has also tired of looking at them recently, so instead of having a towering pile of books on the kids’ table, I thought it best if I found an alternative.  Here they are:

Magazine Files

Along with library books I will also be storing printables, worksheets and anything else that I will need for the activities I plan to do each week.  At this point I am presuming that they will hold most things, or at least the list of items required if they have homes elsewhere.

Both Miss Oh and Master Oh now have a file each – in pink and blue – that I have put to each side of the desk.   It is where the work they are currently doing will be stored, or where items will go before filing.  Miss Oh Waily’s now houses a new maths exercise book that we will put to good use making graphs and area measurements amongst other things, and also her pink writing journal which it seems might show signs of being a success.

This was the scene shortly after the cover was decorated with a smiling heart.

Straight to it

And once again Brave starts to take shape. I’ll let you know if it continues or was a one-off wonder.

Writing Brave

The subject magazine files are currently stored on our unit in the dining room, but only because we are waiting for the arrival of an Expedit bookshelf from Myflatpack. This one, in fact.  It will be installed in the hallway directly opposite the “front” doorway in to our living room.  I shall re-home all of the kids books on this and set aside some of the cubes for organisational use.  Well, that’s the plan as it stands at the moment.  I’m slightly scared that it won’t have enough space for everything, but perhaps it is just my imagination that we have way too many books*.

I’ll see how it goes.  The bookshelf should be here in a couple of weeks and when I’m done sorting it into its first incarnation I will post some pictures so you can see where the heart of Oh Waily kids reading will be.

* I know it is not possible to have too many books, but that perhaps to have too many books out on view will make choice harder.


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