The Week Ahead

I’m rather looking forward to this week.

On Tuesday, approximately, we should be getting our new shoes from Amazon.  Then on Thursday, courier-willing, we should get our shipment of Singapore Maths books from Singapore.
At the end of this week our new bookshelf should also be in the country and shortly on its way to us.

All in all, a busy time for small things here at the Patch.

I’m especially excited and interested to see just what the Singaporean textbooks are actually like.  I feel rather like Christmas has come a few weeks early, for me at least.  I’ll let you know if and when everything arrives (partly the evil that is NaBloPoMo post inspiration failure, and partly genuine excitement), and what I think of it.

We also have our regular Tuesday swimming slot, and perhaps I shall see about getting some decent video off my phone to show you how the Miss is progressing in this department.

Other than that, it is looking to be a quiet week around our place.

What’s happening at your place this week?


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