Maths Resources

I’m sure we come across as a little maths crazy in this house.  Well isn’t that a good thing?  I’d rather be saying that than the opposite.

So to keep the enthusiasm up, here are our latest batch of maths resources.  First, this wonderful website that I came across through one of my HE groups.  The printable charts are fantastic.  It is called A Maths Dictionary for Kids.

The books that are on their way to us from Singapore are the first year of each of these two series: My Pals Are Here! and Shaping Maths.   I was unsure which of these would work for my kids so I chose to get both.  Once we have these we will be able to figure out which follow-up years to buy.
The reason for choosing these two series is fairly straightforward, they are currently on the approved textbook lists for Singaporean schools.  And since they are at the top of the list for this area of learning it seems to be sensible to assess their methods to see if they would work for us too.
I’m hoping that these will arrive tomorrow, as per the estimated arrival date of the courier.

From our local library we have Maths for Fun: Measuring Sizes out of which both Oh Waily children are insisting we do multiple activities.  So we shall.  Hopefully I will remember to take photographs and show you what and how we got on.

What maths resources do you (and your kids) love, and why?


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