A Family Lunch

Auntie H and Cousin K are down in our part of the world this week for a sports tournament, so we headed out to see them at their hotel today.

While K stayed and enjoyed time with her friends, Auntie H came out with us for lunch and a walk around the waterfront.  Silly Mummy suggested that we stop at Kaffee Eis at the Lagoon and get an ice cream.  That’s when we discovered the Amazing Chocolate Boy.

He had the world’s largest “child sized” chocolate ice cream and he wasn’t going to give it up for anything.  He also wasn’t going to do something as silly as bite and swallow lumps of ice cream so that it didn’t roll down the cone on to his hand and up his arm.  Noooo way.

Instead, we have an escapee from a slasher movie.  Or we would have had, if we had chosen some red berry ice cream or other.  Thankfully he just looked like an explosion in a paint factory.  (Or ice cream factory as the case may be.)

Chocolate boy

All of the dark brown splats are chocolate drips, both on his top and on his trousers.  You probably can’t make it out (he didn’t want to stand still for photographs) but his left forearm is one giant chocolate smear.  After all, what do you wipe your face with?

Suffice it to say, Master Oh needs more practice with ice cream cones, or we revert back to ice cream in a plastic cup with a spoon.



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