The End is Nigh…

And so the last day of NaBloPoMo has arrived, and the struggle to find sensible things to write about now recedes.  And what a busy old day it has been.

This morning Ms Oh Waily headed to the gym for an hour with the PT.  The Oh Waily kids had great fun at the daycare as they rugged up and took part in the fire drill.  They looked so cute (they have to walk out of their room, through a small part of the gym to leave the building) hanging on to the long knotted rope.
Then straight after we finished up, one of their little friends came around for a playdate.  A couple of hours later and we were gearing up to head out again.  This time in to town to see a friend of ours from Auckland who was briefly in Wellington for work.  Follow this up almost immediately by going to dinner with Auntie H before she and Cousin K headed home tomorrow morning.

Homeschooled children are definitely not socialised properly at all.  {wink, wink}

But now my tired little poppets are in bed and their tired Mum is finishing up her NaBloPoMo commitments before collapsing asleep in bed herself.  Who said being a mother was a breeze?  Whoever it was clearly didn’t have kids.

So from next week we are going back to normal, intermittent transmission.  I may have some more things to share, but after this mini-marathon don’t be surprised if I go in to a mini-hibernation either.

Thanks for sticking it out with us.  I hope you enjoyed some of the posts.

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