Family Fun: The Play Park

While we were enjoying the last few days of Mr Oh Waily’s holidays, it seemed like a good time to take a day trip to a fun play park.  It’s a bit of a drive from home, but we get to combine the feeling of going on an adventure with having a good pay-off at the end.  It also gave me a chance to try out my new camera.

We quite love this particular park because it is so accessible for even the smaller children, and it has one or two items that are not common locally.  Take, for instance, the basket swing.  I can’t think of one locally, but Miss Oh loves it.  Master Oh took a little warming up to it, as perhaps you can see.

Basket Swing IV

He eventually got the hang of it and that grimace turned into a happy scared smile.

Basket Swing III

Along with that, there is also a zip line that Miss Oh can actually reach and use. This is usually too high for her elsewhere and she needs to rely on me helping, holding or pushing her along. Not so at this park.

Zip Line

In the little kids section there is the option to play storekeeper. In this instance Master Oh decided that he was an ice cream vendor. (No, there was absolutely no hinting with that. At all.)


And this trip proved to have a new favourite – the tyre swing-roundabout-thingy. Remarkably both Oh Waily kids were happy to be pushed and shoved along on this. As you can see.

Tyre Swing

Tyre Swing II

No that’s not smudges on the photograph. That’s pen smudges on his face. Boys! Really!

Did we play games? Yes.


Did we have fun? Yes.

Grinning Sunnies

Will we do it again? Probably, but not for a wee while.


4 thoughts on “Family Fun: The Play Park

    • Hi Bronwyn,
      It is the large park in Levin. So a bit of a day trip distance. But they have a miniature train too that is supposed to run most weekends. (As well as a pretend Thomas.) I haven’t seen it out and about yet, but we did visit right after New Years.

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