Family Field Trip: Cape Palliser Lighthouse

With the last few days of Mr Oh Waily’s summer break we went on another family outing.  This time we headed out to Cape Palliser.  Not sure where that is?  Here’s a map for you.

At the end of a mix of gravel roads and tar seal we arrived at the first of our stops for the day, the Cape Palliser Lighthouse.   It was first lit in 1897 and was manned for 99 years before being automated.  As you can see, it has a very prominent position.

Cape Palliser Lighthouse

Getting up to the lighthouse involves a bit of courage for those with a fear of heights.

The steps

Roughly 250 steps later you are rewarded with far-reaching views.

The View

I highly recommend getting the stillest day you possibly can as it is exposed and the gusts can be extremely strong. Even on this loveliest of days the wind was gusting quite hard. Not for the feint hearted.

The Oh Waily kids had a good look around the flat platform area, including the rusty old winch.

Exploring the old technology

After we had been blown about a bit and had taken a few photographs, we slowly headed back down the stairs. Our next stop was the beach you can see in the photograph above, to look for seals, walk around the rock pools and see what the locals were wading in to get off the rocks.

Our next adventure is seeing seals.


4 thoughts on “Family Field Trip: Cape Palliser Lighthouse

  1. Hi Lynn,
    We did the Pencarrow lighthouse trip when we were in Welly at xmas. Great photos, we had a similar sunny still day which was great for biking out there.

    • I’ve been thinking about walking to Pencarrow, but I think it’d be too far for the kids. And we don’t have bikes for all of us yet.
      I like the photos too. Now I just have to relearn everything about SLRs again. 😉

    • Nice to see you dropping by.
      And thanks, I’m loving the new camera. Learned a bit about my old lens when we went on this trip & what not to do with filters. You might like the seal photographs in the next blog post. 🙂

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