Oh Waily kids

You would be forgiven for thinking that we had disappeared for the entire last part of summer.  Mr Oh Waily is away for work and I have correspondingly less time for things like blogging.  It’s another two weeks before he is home again so the blogging is unlikely to be picking up any time soon.

In the meantime here’s a few up to date photographs of the Oh Waily kids, with apologies to those who have already seen them.

This is my first attempt to try out black & white photography with my Christmas present.
Boy in B&W

And last week I took the kids for a drive up the coast to a playground that has a splash pad. I decided that it would be more fun if they went for it in their normal clothes rather than have them turn up in swim suits. (With a full change waiting for them in the car after, of course.) Here are some photographs of them in action.

Wet behind the Ears

Take a drink



As I’m sure you can tell they loved it. I think we might even do it again this week if the weather holds.  And, although the photographs suggest otherwise, they did enjoy playing on some of the other regular playground features like the flying fox and basket swing.  But the water is the big drawcard.  It is very clever.


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