Language learning resource

Does your library do this?  Mine does.  They have Mango for libraries.


Isn’t that fabulous?
If, like me, you live in a monolingual home then having access to an online option is a great bonus.  Did I mention it’s free to library members?  No?  Well it is.
What an excellent way to get a taster of many, many languages.  When you find the one you like you can always find an ‘in real life’ teacher to work with as well as working quietly away in your own home.

Did I mention it is portable?  No? Well it is.  Add the app to your phone and you can be as anti-social as you like in the gym while stretching your language skills.

If you’re a Wellingtonian, just click on the nifty picture and it will take you to the blog post about the new addition to their digital collection.  Enjoy!

If you are not in Wellington, it may be time to investigate your local library’s digital collection.  You may be happy to find it there too.



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