The countdown begins…

It is two and a half months until Miss Oh Waily turns six.  By which time I need to have written an application for, and received back, the Ministry of Education’s exemption certificate.

What does it exempt?  It exempts us from having to place Miss Oh Waily in school.

For any Kiwis thinking about going down this educational road, this is the current link to the documents you will need to read, fill out and understand in order to have the opportunity to teach your children at home.

This will be my first application, obviously, and I’m just a tad nervous about constructing it.  I expect to be asked to clarify, add information and generally fluff about until the assessing officer is happy with the result.  When I am done, and successful*, I will post a copy here.

If you’ve applied before feel free to leave a comment with advice or suggestions.  I’m always interested in learning how others do things.

Righto.  I’m off to start the process of formulating the ideas which will become the basis of my application.  Wish me luck.

* I will be successful, even if it means re-writing until the MoE are satisfied.


2 thoughts on “Exemption

    • Thanks Sarah.
      I’ve been reading about the difficulties another lady is facing with the office I’m about to apply to. It is not reassuring. The whole point of doing HE is so that we can be free-flowing in our learning, not a replica of school. It sounds like one of the assessing officers views HE as “school at home”.
      Well, only time will tell, eh? And I will certainly take all the good luck offered. 😀

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