Mathematics Update

102px-123_NumbersIt has been a while since I last posted any sort of update on the mathematics progression of either of the Oh Waily children, so here it is. Finally.

Miss Oh Waily is making her way through the My Pals Are Here! text and workbooks.  We’ve covered the first five sections, which are the Numbers 1 to 10, Number bonds, Addition within 10, Subtraction within 10, and Shapes & Patterns.  The latter was quite fun as we cut out paper shapes and made different pictures using them.

We are starting on the ordinal numbers chapter today.  We’ve previously worked on these with our home made Disney Fairy maths sheets, so I imagine we will breeze through the two sections of this in short order.  About the only issue the little Miss has is remembering to put the “th” at the end of the answer.  Hopefully another foray into this section, with a bit more writing and repetition will get this to stick.  The concept is already there and well understood, it’s just the method of showing the position that needs attention.

That means we’re still in Textbook 1A with three more chapters after the ordinal numbers to go, but one of those is learning the numbers to 20.  Since she already knows them to 100 I’m guessing that this will be a quick run through and reminder session only.  But who knows?  Sometimes we take a couple of steps back before heading forward again.  Anyone who thinks kids learn in a linear fashion are deluded!  In our household we definitely have ‘aha’ moments following on from apparently grasping and then losing the concepts & execution of skills.

As for Master Oh, he’s coming along as well.  He hasn’t shown the same interest in numbers as his sister did, but he is almost completely right with his counting to 20.  He tends to skip fifteen, but so did his sister when she was little too.
We’ve pulled out the old number game from Montessori Print Shop and have started identifying the number of dots (counting them out) and matching them with their number symbol.  I must remember to take some photographs the next time we do it.

And talking about the old number game has reminded me that it’s time to get out some of the other number games we have too.  I see lemons and leaves in his future.   I’ll definitely take photographs of him doing those when they hit our shelves.

So what do you do to encourage numeracy with your kids?


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