Field Trip: Queen Elizabeth Park

A couple of weekends ago we went on a family field trip out to Queen Elizabeth Park just to the north of the city on the Kapiti Coast.  We went especially to let the kids have a horse ride.

The Stables on the Park have quite a few horse riding options and both of the Oh Waily kids    really enjoyed their time on horseback, as well as patting the small ponies in the barn beforehand and getting to brush down the small ponies afterwards.

Here is Master Oh Waily looking very swish with his riding hat and the smallest pony before heading out on his ride.


And here is Miss Oh Waily at the end of her trek, on her much larger pony.  She looked very comfortable up there and enjoyed herself immensely when she was given the ability to “steer” her horse for a short while.

Gentle ride

I think we will take them back in a wee while and let them have more time on horseback as they enjoyed it so much.

While at the park we also took the tram ride to the beach and back.  The tram museum was open so we had a quick look in there also.  As you can see, the tram was beautifully made in wood.

Tram ride


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