The crazies

Yes, we most definitely have them in this household.
Crazy kids.  Physically adventurous kids – each in their own way.

Here’s how we do physical education while on holiday.  Although I do tend to think that Mr Oh Waily gets the hardest workout from this.

As you can see Master Oh Waily isn’t fond of water in his eyes or up his nose, but he does a remarkable job of hanging on to his pool noodle just the same.  As for his sister, I think she just wants to be SuperGirl.  (She already is, of course, just without the power of flight.)


There is a definite love of the water in the Oh Waily family.

p.s. We’re glad to have all of our subscribers back with us. Thank you to the lovely WordPress staff for their assistance in that final piece of the blog migration.


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