Book Review: Goblin in the Bush – Victor Kelleher

GITBWelcome to the first book review by the Oh Waily kids.  We’re going to give these posts an interview styling, with the questions asked by me and the answers by the kids.

Who were the main characters & what were they like?

Miss OWW:  Gibblewort, an Irish goblin. He was incredibly funny.

Can you tell us what happened in the story?

Miss OWW: Gibblewort got posted to Australia by his friends because he was so mean.  He got pecked in the ear by an emu.  He got pecked by birds in a tree.  He just wanted to get to his soggy wet treehouse back home.

Master OWW: He got pinched by ants on the feet, then got pinched on the ear by a big cockatoo.  He got prickled by an echidna and he wanted to get back to his soggy old treehouse.

What was your favourite part of the story and why?

Miss OWW:  My favourite part of the story was him getting pecked on the ear and poked by the birds because they’ve got very pinchy beaks.

Master OWW:  My favourite piece was when he got pecked by the poky echidna, because he was hopping on one foot like this (insert image of small boy hopping on one foot).

Rating for this book.

Miss OWW: I’ll give it 4 stars because it’s not as good as Goblin on the Beach.

Master OWW:  5 stars.



2 thoughts on “Book Review: Goblin in the Bush – Victor Kelleher

    • Miss OWW: Lisa, there are more goblin stories and the Goblin at the Beach story is funnier than the Bush story. We’re going to be doing a review of that soon.
      Thank you for your comment. 😀

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