Book Review: Goblin at the Beach – Victor Kelleher

GATBWho were the main characters & what were they like?

Miss OWW:  Gibblewort, is a Irish goblin. He was incredibly funny, even funnier than before.  He’s green and he’s got warts on his nose.  He hates baths.

Master OWW: Gibblewort is an Irish goblin. He is so funny because he rode a whale and a dolphin.

Can you tell us what happened in the story?

Miss OWW: Gibblewort rode a dolphin, he also rode a shark and the shark was trying to shake him off.

Master OWW: He fell out of a truck and he said “this isn’t the way to old Ireland”.  He said, “This is just a beach with lots of people running around in their underwear.”

What was your favourite part of the story and why?

Miss OWW:  My favourite part of the story was when he got stung by jellyfish because it was really stingy.

Master OWW:  My favourite piece was him getting a ride on a shark because he got bitten on his warty nose.

Rating for this book.

Miss OWW: I’ll give it 5 stars.

Master OWW:  5 stars.  It was sooo funny!

And to finish up here is Miss Oh Waily’s rendition of the hapless Gibblewort.  She drew him as a gift card for her brother, hence the folds in the paper.



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