Last Friday the Oh Waily children and I had a lovely time at The Dowse Art Museum.
We were part of a home educators group who had gone along to do some mono-printing, with a theme of Matariki.

The lovely ladies who took the kids through were brilliant.  I was so impressed with the way they interacted with the group, and especially my lad, who is not all that keen on art despite being surrounded by stuff to make it.  Master Oh Waily’s prints used so little ink I was able to bring them home, but Miss Oh’s needed to stay and dry out.  I’ll post photos when they arrive.

In the meantime it seems to have sparked another round of artistry in Miss Oh.  I’m going to share this morning’s piece.

Shadow photo

Here’s a brief run down for those who may be a bit unsure of what is going on.
It is a sunset picture with the sun going down behind the mountains.  The black bits are the shadows of the mountains.  And the mirrored goat on the left is also meant to be a shadow.
In the foreground is the swimming pool in Fiji with all the people in it and the volleyball net at one end.  All the triangular items are the torches that are lit at sunset and the green circle with people jumping up and down around it is the frog races, with the green bits – well, frogs of course.  Underneath is the leaderboard for the frogs. (They’re tagged by nationality.)
Yip, a lot of thought goes in to the artistry these days.  A lot.


2 thoughts on “Artistry

  1. Being a goat loving family, I recognised that goat immediately and the fact that a shadow has been included … wow, that is pretty impressive.

    • I was mightily impressed with the shadow idea too.
      I think this might be the first time for a goat motif though. 😀

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