Learn Nothing Day



We are joining the ranks of homeschooling families who are attempting, and failing, to have a day on which we Learn Nothing.

It is a bit of a mocking of the authorities who want to know that our children are learning “as regularly” as those in school.

Like I could possibly stop them, frankly.

So, here is what Miss Oh Waily did today… and clearly I failed miserably in my efforts to discourage her from doing anything new, interesting and learning in the process.


[columns] [span6]

House 2

Miss Oh’s hinged house closed


House 1

Miss Oh’s hinged house interior


Young Master Oh Waily has also failed miserably in his attempts to learn nothing.  He has been working on the strategy required to progress on another iPad app/game, and also had to sit through a bit of geography as we watched the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games this morning.
He also ended up helping to make a lego house of his own.  The canoe was all his own work.

[columns] [span6]

M's House 1

Master Oh’s canoeist’s log cabin


M's house 2

Roast chicken on a spit


Did you and your family attempt to learn nothing today?
If so, feel free to leave a comment and a link to any posts about your non-learning activity.  😉



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