Travels – Rotorua & surrounds

We have been quiet at the Patch since Master Oh’s birthday because we have been away.
We went to stay with my parents for about a week.  While there we took some field trips and did some walks.

I’ve finally taken some of the photographs off the camera and have started editing them, so there will be a stream of image laden posts in the next little while, as I make my way through them all.

Today I bring you a few images from our day trip to Rotorua and surrounds.  There will probably be more.

We start first with a photograph of Miss Oh wading in Tikitapu.  A stunning Spring day to have been doing this.


And just what Master Oh thinks of having his photograph taken…

Pokey Tongue2

And now a look at another spot we stopped off at, a view of Lake Tarawera.

Tarawera Jetty
There was even learning to do – about erupting volcanoes and how lakes get their colour.

It was a really tough job, but someone had to do it.


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