Family Field Trip: Singapore

Back in October the Oh Waily family had a very short stay in one of my favourite places, Singapore.
The kids got to see, feel and enjoy some of the sights.

On Orchard Road it was hard to miss the sculpture exhibition.

[columns] [span6]

Art display


Rhino meets child-2


We also took a trip around the Zoo to see some animals that are not so common in our part of the world.  The kids got to watch the sea lion display, see polar bears, orang-utans and more.  The highlight for all would be the elephant ride.  Yes, on the back of a real elephant.  Very popular it was.

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Bearly there


On safari


We also took a trip to the Botanic Gardens, specifically the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.  The kids had great fun in the treehouse play area, learning about photosynthesis and most importantly in the heat of mid-morning Singapore, getting in to their togs and playing in the water play area with a bunch of local pre-schoolers.

Butterfly entrance way

And as usual, the swimming pool attached to where we stayed was also a popular spot.  Unsurprising in the equatorial heat really.

Spidey in the water

They must have had a nice time because they keep saying ‘the next time we go to Singapore we can…’ every now and then.  And frankly I can’t wait for it.  There was plenty to do that we simply didn’t have time to and as they get older they will be that much more able to withstand the temperature so that we don’t have to have a daily siesta.



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