A discussion and an idea

I’m currently KonMari-ing our books.  I mentioned this earlier.

Today while doing the kids’ books section of the process I compared the releasing of the unwanted books to our other semi-regular donation of goods and clothes to our local Women’s Refuge.  I also tied in the purpose of the “Donate” portion of their pocket money to the short discussion.

Miss Oh saw a connection immediately to helping others, and what they might need.
She asked if it would be a good idea to donate food to those who may be in need and could we do that.
I said it would be, then I suggested the idea of going to our local food bank and asking what items they most need.  Then perhaps we could get together a box once a month for them.

Apparently that would be a good idea.   And apparently we have stumbled in to another life lesson in appreciating what you have and doing what you can for others.

It’s the joy of impromptu discussions and a joy sparking result for me.


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