Our Creative Table rectangleInspired by a post at Tinkerlab I thought I would start a once-a-week art provocation called ‘Our Creative Table’ and see if the kids enjoyed it.

I’d say it was a resounding success.  They’ve asked me to do it again today!

Taking my initial inspiration from this Creative Table post at Tinkerlab, I cleared off our table and set it up with watercolours and some plain paper with swirly loops.  It was quite interesting how each of the Oh Waily kids chose to use the swirls.

So here is what it looked like to start off.

Watercolour Provocation

A nice clear table with only the art supplies… nothing to distract from the opportunity to create.




Watercolour Provocation 2

Nice swirly patterns to interpret as they see fit.  And so they did.






Miss Oh chose to colour in and add her own flourishes.  While Master Oh chose to make faces.






Interpretation 2

As I put out basic paper the watercolours started to crinkle it, but using the masking tape and leaving them to dry in situ seems to have sorted that out quite well.  Today I’ll be putting out some of our watercolour paper and they can compare it to yesterday’s experience.





So here are the final products.

Final product

Final product 2

Apologies for the dull photographs, it’s been rather miserable weather around here for a while.  Time to find a good spot to take finished photos even when the weather is uncooperative!

As for the activity, I can highly recommend this and will be doing it again in a couple of weeks when we return from visiting family.  If you want to join in with a creative table post every Friday, then feel free to drop a link to your post in the comments.  The more, the merrier.

Also, if you read through the Tinkerlab post you will see that there is a hashtag to use on Instagram if you want to join in there, #creativetable.  You will find an incredible 8,000 posts for a tiny bit of inspiration, and much better photographs!   (Clearly I need to up my game on that front.)

Happy creating everyone.


Our Creative Table

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