Following on from my discovery of the wonderful idea of a lego challenge from Let Kids Be Kids, Mr Oh Waily decided that there was no time like the present for setting challenge 1.
He chose a slight modification from the original idea and set them a time of 30 minutes to make something with four wheels that could fly.

Master Oh decided to be quick and to the point, then spend the time doing other things.  It kinda shows he’s into brevity really, and has an imagination about what constitutes ‘wings’ for flying.


Miss Oh, being true to her nature, took nearly the entire time and created this.  Also quite imaginative on what it takes to fly, but certainly more involved in scale and engineering needs.


They had a fun time doing it and have asked to add some ideas to the Challenge list, so this will be a keeper in our household.

If it’s something you do, or you think your kids would like, feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog post.  I’m sure my munchkins would love to see other people’s creations.



Lego Challenge #1 – Four wheels and flies

2 thoughts on “Lego Challenge #1 – Four wheels and flies

    • They did love the challenge, so we will be borrowing some more of your ideas and adding some of our own too.
      Thanks for posting about it! 🙂

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