So today the euphoria of winning the World Cup has gone, and it’s back to the daily routine.  Maths, gymnastics and a bit of science were the order of the day.

Master Oh is working on his subtracting skills using counting back techniques, and rather cunningly with splitting techniques.  He’s a bit of a sly one, in that he seems to have picked up his skills with very little direct teaching on my part and it suddenly shows up when we sit down to practice new concepts.  Thanks to our lego, some freebie tens frames and our workbook we did some pretty good subtraction within 20 with regrouping.

Miss Oh is also currently working on her subtracting skills with regrouping.  This time she’s working on the mental gymnastics required to do subtraction within 10,000, but in fairness the workbook keeps most of the mental arithmetic to under 100.  This is a good thing because the Miss can do the maths but still stumbles a bit with a desire to subtract the smallest number from the biggest irrespective of whether it’s part of the starting number or part of the amount to be removed.  The technical skills are there but the automatic understanding of what she’s doing and why still needs some more time.

Gymnastics was the same fun as usual.  A great time to learn new skills & stretch themselves physically.  Not to mention great fun to catch up with friends too.  It’s a winner all around.

Science today was The Cell.  It was, as Miss Oh insisted on punning, an egg-speriment !!
Yes, using the egg as a very big & easily seen cell.
I had to go out in the afternoon to have my dodgy back attended to, so it was left to Mr Oh Waily to lead the way here.  Which, of course, is no problem for an ex-scientist.
When I returned home Master Oh was able to regale me with a couple of key parts to the egg and to tell me that plant cells were a different shape and had different stuff in them.  I’ll take that from a just-six year old.

All-in-all a fairly typical Monday, despite everyone beginning to show signs of end-of-year slowdown.

November’s NaBloPoMo game – Guess the source of the blog post’s title .
Today’s Hint: it’s from a song.
Leave your guess in the comments.
Answer confirmed tomorrow.


Monday, Monday, it’s here to stay.

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