Tuesday afternoon, I’m just beginning to see

Today’s blog title is rather fitting as Tuesdays in the Oh Waily household tends to be afternoon heavy with events.  So I’m only just beginning to see the end of my working day right now.

As for during today, thanks for a willing volunteer who has taken the job over from me, we are now back at swimming lessons for the remainder of the term.  Unlike previous terms the kids aren’t in back-to-back classes and we only have one teacher for all three classes.  This means that young Master Oh starts out at 1:30 and Miss Oh doesn’t start her class until 2:30.  So altogether the kids are going to have a minimum (and you know it’s going to be a minimum) of one and a half hours in the pool every Tuesday afternoon.
They might just love that.

The only issue is the half hour it takes to prise them out of the pool, into the changing room, under the shower and then dressed to head home.  This is compounded by the fact that the pool is a 20+ minute drive from home.  So you can see that pretty much ALL of Tuesday afternoon is taken up with swimming.  Definitely ticks the PE boxes, eh?

My only weapon in winkling them out of the pool is the fact that we have to get home in enough time to eat something before Miss Oh heads off to her evening at Brownies and Master Oh gets to have his Daddy Date.  It also looks like, being out of practice, that the swimming might just be tiring Miss Oh out a bit.  I’m not sure how she stayed awake on the drive home from the pool, but she managed albeit with the odd moaning… ‘I’m soooooo tired’ coming from the back seat.

Then at Brownies she gets to go a bit crazy too.  Thankfully tonight seems to have been a relatively calm evening involving crafting a picture out of random items.  Phew!
A bit of a change from the weekend when she attended the Brownie Revels in Carterton, which I will write about some time this week.  Mr Oh Waily went as a parent helper (bless his cotton socks!) and he took some nice shots of Miss Oh in action during the assault course and the water relay events.  The only hiccup being the discovery of a second Brownie hoodie in her bag when we went to clear it out… now to find the owner.

And so that is the key bits of our Tuesdays here at the Patch.  Just in case you wondered if home educators ever socialised with anyone but their families.  (Tongue firmly in cheek, tinged with a dose of sarcasm.)

Monday’s Blog Post Title.
– no guesses?  Surely it wasn’t that hard!
Answer: The Mamas and The Papas’ “Monday, Monday” of course !!

Today’s title hint:  another song lyric.



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