Our Creative Table rectangle

Today, while out exploring the sunny day with camera in hand, I discovered that I had filled up my SD card.  So this evening I took the time to get the photographs off and to clean up the card.  That means I can finally share some photos that have been awaiting my attention for a while now.

Back in October I set up another creative table for the Oh Waily kids.   This time I put out some oil pastels and a few knickknacks as possible prompts.

Here are some of the results.

This is Miss Oh’s view and first piece of art.  She pretty much chose to ignore the prompts, but for a later piece where she wrote out, in colours, the word ‘love’.  For the keen sighted, you might notice her drawing of Sqaishy in her art journal.

Oil Pastel 1

Here we have Master Oh’s main piece, which turned in to something of a series.  These days his art isn’t so much just a drawing as a visual piece of a very long, convoluted and involved verbal story.  But I’m sure you can see that he was inspired by the frog, only these frogs have a lot of super-powers and stuff going on that is both exciting and gruesome at the same time.

Oil Pastel Frogs

And Miss Oh’s main piece from the oil pastel day was on a very consistent theme for her – hearts.Oil Pastel Heart

And that pretty much sums up our oil pastel creative table.  What have you and yours been creating lately?


Our creative table – oil pastels

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