Miss Oh snuck the iPad off to her bedroom yesterday and I thought she was either watching the ubiquitous Minecraft videos on YouTube or playing a random game.  It turns out I was wrong on both points.

She was watching YouTube videos, but it was one of our other subscriptions, Art for Kids Hub.

Instead of doing any of the drawing prompts she chose to do the origami.  She made and decorated the Snapper, a cup, a flower, a hat and heart.  All done sneakily on her own.  Here are some of them.  She’s undecided if she will decorate them or not, so for now they are mostly plain white.

Origami Cup

Origami Heart-2

Origami Hat

And then she finished off with a Minecraft drawing, in homage to an effort to find a wolf to tame that she had made earlier in the morning.

Minecraft Doggie

I can heartily recommend the Art for Kids Hub, either at their website or at their YouTube channel.  It’s great, straightforward art for kids to try out.  And it’s on topic for what’s in with younger kids.


Sneaky Art

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