The Cow Episode

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Today’s blog post is brought to you by “Pigs in space….”

Oh wait.   No…. that’s my youth I’m reliving*.

This is Miss Oh’s youth we’re talking about here.  In that case it should be “Cows in trees”.  In this episode you meet the gravity defying bovines that populate the Minecraft world.  Well, mostly gravity defying and apparently expert climbers.

Fences are built, random movie moments are stolen** and re-interpreted by a child who has never seen the original, and the odd witty remark is passed.  All by my lovely eight year old !!

Before we get to the link, I must again thank those who have subscribed to her channel.  As of yesterday she has made it to her first goal – 10 subscribers.  She is also well on her way to 100 views on one video – with her first episode up to 70 views now.

[kad_youtube url=”” ]


  • Bonus points to you for recognising the reference.

** Triple points if you get that reference too.



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