I’ve decided to run an experiment here at the Patch.

I’m guessing that like most folk I harbour the idea that if left to their own devices the kids would turn in to the world’s biggest couch potatoes, staring in a glazed-over way at the TV.  In our house it would be staring at YouTube gaming videos, Minecraft primarily.

I’m going to challenge that idea in myself and give my kids the chance to show me whether that over-arching belief is a fair one or not.  It’s close to the end of year, the kids have done really well and are tracking along in their skills just fine.  Now is probably the best time to give it a try since year end normally brings a bit of slowing down in energy and enthusiasm anyway.

This is my very small attempt to see if I can get the reassurance I want that we could move to a lifestyle even closer to that of being an unschooling family.  I haven’t set a time limit for this, because I know that deschooling – even from our mild amount of schooly stuff may be required.  I’m as interested to see just how uncomfortable I become if it takes more than a few days for them to be unglued from a screen and actively pursuing something I would consider to be a good spend of their time.  Can you see just how ingrained it is in me, despite intellectually understanding the benefits of the kids learning what they are truly interested in ?!  It’s probably going to really mess with my head.

I’ll try to report back on it next Thursday and see how the first week of my experiment goes.  If I haven’t freaked out and gone back on it beforehand.  Wish me luck!


Experiment: Letting Go

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