A morning surprise

Two and a half weeks ago I was driving to the drycleaners, as you do.   My phone goes and it’s a chap from a toy company telling me he’s calling to let me know that I had won a competition and that he wanted to confirm my address.   While all this is going on I’m wracking my brain to think what I had entered, and when and where but drew a blank.  However, I tried to be polite and thankful while doing this mental gymnastics.  Afterwards I’m thinking to myself – me? win something? unheard of! must be a mistake! ^

The Oh Waily kids are in the car with me, as usual, so they hear the whole conversation and are super-excited to think that a toy or two might be coming their way.  Me, I’m just perplexed, and not much better off when we get home and I check out the company.  I see that I’ve followed them on Facebook at some point, and no doubt it was one of those cases of seeing a friend entering a competition and then being sheeple-like and doing it too.  (In my defence, I generally only behave like a sheeple if the prize looks like something we would enjoy and make good use of!)

Anyway, two weeks go by and I figure that they’ve finally worked out that there must be a mistake and are a bit embarrassed to phone me back to say so.  Life goes on.

Then this morning there’s a knock at the door and a courier standing there with two large boxes. Addressed to me.  From the company running the competition.

The kids recognise the name immediately and are clamouring to open the boxes to see what’s inside.  No surprises there then.  No chance of hiding things for Christmas either !!  Oh well, that’s just the way things happened.

I certainly had no idea of what to expect, other than maybe a couple of smallish toys, not a couple of boxes!  It was this side of pandemonium as each box was opened and the toys extracted.  There were two very happy kids, I can tell you.  And one amazed Mum !

Here is what greeted us!


Do count them!

Fifteen separate toys!

I was not expecting that.

Thank you so very, very much Planet Fun.

^ I think I might have had Tyche looking over me.  (Yes, ancient Greece is coming up in history here at the Patch!)



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