We stopped off at the garden centre in our local Mitre 10 a few days ago while on an errand to get a couple of other DIY items that we needed.  The kids had a play in their indoor playground and we all had a drink to revive us after a morning of doing.  While sitting there, innocently enjoying the rest, we were inspired to plant strawberries.  So I brought home the bits and bobs required and they sat waiting for an opportune time to do the work, and tonight brought that.

It was late in the day, not long until bedtime, when the Oh Waily kids headed outside with Mr Oh Waily.  Still sunny and bright, the kids got their gardening gloves on and dove in to the potting mix.  They set out the four plants and filled the pot right up.

So now all we have to do is wait, watch, keep any pesky snack-seekers away, and make sure they get all the love they need to turn into juicy summer treats.  Fingers crossed !

Strawberries before bed



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