Keeping it real…

I woke up at 5:30am this morning and the smallest Oh Waily wasn’t too long behind me.  Today has been long and one of those days.  Tiredness led to a couple of meltdowns this morning, just before lunchtime.  It took a lot of patience and energy to get through that bad patch.  A power nap was insisted upon by me as we were due to leave for swimming lessons at 1pm.  Thankfully he could have slept standing up by that time, so he managed to get a good 20 minutes and we headed out for lessons.
The youngest Oh Waily’s lesson is at 1:30 while his sister is two classes up and therefore starts at 2:30.  This means a minimum of one and a half hours of swimming or playing in the pool.  Yep, it’s been a tiring old day.  Add in the regular Brownies, a later dinner time and tiredness crept up for another visit.  This one brought tears over not being able to play DnD with Daddy.

Luckily Mr Oh Waily was able to let it all go, and consent to play after which we christened the new game HedBanz and managed to get a bit of joy back in to the tail end of a very long and very tiring day for the entire household.  So tonight you get the short post.  The post about the days that aren’t Pollyanna-perfect.  The one that requires the cat.


Although in this case, it’s not coffee I’m needing but sleep.  So here’s to a ridiculously early night to make up for the ridiculously early morning !

See you all, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow.  Preferably with a hot cup of coffee in my hand.


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