Audible enabling

audibleIn my email tonight there’s a lovely message from my newest, favourite online shop…

I gave their free trial a go and have since joined up for the year on their basic membership.  That lets me have one audiobook per month and a discounted rate on others.

Tonight’s email is a nasty little brute. Temptation abounds and I’m about to share some of my finds with you.  The sale is audiobooks for US$4.95 each.  Here are my picks, some of which will be entering our audio library once I’m done writing this.

The History of the Ancient World by Susan Wise Bauer
Mary Poppins: The Mary Poppins Series, Book 1 – P.L.Travers
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH – Robert O’Brien
Anne of Green Gables – L.M.Montgomery

And there will be a couple of books specifically for me too, I think.

Please note that the links here have the books at full price.  I presume you will need an Audible account to access the discount.   If you don’t already, then you can always give the free trial a go, like I did and see how you go from there.


Yes, these are affiliate links (see our footer). It’s at no cost to you, and we only post to things we love, own or are about to invest in.



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