RainbowGems' picture of those people she loves. ️#afkhlove16
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This is Miss Oh’s picture of the people she loves.  It’s her entry in to an online art contest run by her favourite YouTube art channel, Art For Kids Hub.

Her drawings have taken on a new twist since she has started to avidly work through the videos she is attracted to.  Do you see those eyes?  The ones with white highlights?  Up until her current patch of drawing along with these guys you would not have seen those.  There are more, subtle, changes to the way she draws now which I certainly put down to her watching and replicating from the videos.  So if you have a young child who is creative, this might be a good option for them.  But watch out for the origami section, you might find your house overflowing with papery creations, and every birthday and Christmas may be accompanied by a folded masterpiece.  Go on.  Ask me how I know.   🙂


Valentine’s Day Art contest

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