Secular Homeschool Awareness Month

February SHS Awareness MonthWhen this post crossed my Google Plus path a little earlier this month I just had to smile.

As a relatively recent arrival in the world of home educating I’ve always been on the lookout for blogs that I could relate to. Finding local blogs or specific groups has been a hard row to hoe, so I’ve often turned my attention overseas.

When we do head offshore to the wonders of a multiplicity of blogs and groups there is a very high percentage chance that the blogger will not be secular.  Often this makes very little difference to me with regards to enjoying reading the blog or idea gathering, but sometimes it does.  Sometimes this aspect of a person’s life informs absolutely everything about their writing, recommendations and ideas; and that’s when I feel the quietness of the Secular Home Ed bloggers.

I’m joining the link up because I’d like to find other sources of information and resources from people who are similar in outlook to ourselves.  I’d also like to promote the idea that home educators are a diverse bunch, including those who identify as secular.  It’d be nice if we were a bit more visible on the interwebs for those newcomers to find.

So yeah, anyway… let’s celebrate “Secular Homeschool Awareness Month” !

And to my secular home ed friends… don’t forget to join in too.



2 thoughts on “Secular Homeschool Awareness Month

  1. Noticed this on Twitter, and I had no idea about it. Glad I came across it! I’m a secular homeschooler, and the magazine I work for is secular too, if you’re looking for more resources. (home/school/life magazine) Thanks!

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