The Optimist Strikes Again

NaBloPoMo November 2016For those who are familiar with blogs at this time of year, you’ll be well aware that the eternal optimists come out of the woodwork and sign up to the month long challenge that is NaBloPoMo.

In a happy coincidence I was thinking it was time to remove the big, flappy dust cloths from the blog and actually start writing regularly again. So here we are. The obligatory pre-NaBloPoMo post warning you of the semi-annual unleashing of my internal Pollyanna.

Feel free to go all Penguins of Madagascar on me…. you can back away any time you like, just remember to “smile and wave boys, smile and wave!”

As for me, I’ll see any of you intrepid folk bright and early on Tuesday morning. Or Tuesday evening. Or maybe at 2 minutes to midnight; that still counts, right?


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